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Restaurant Tokyo Moscow

In the heart of the city of Moscow, you can find Restaurant Tokyo at Bolshoi Afanasyevskiy Lane 34, to be precise. A restaurant that focuses on the Asian kitchen, and has been rated highly in recent years. You’re able to have lunch as well as dinner at the restaurant, which was renovated in the last few months. Jess Design played a role in this renovation: more specifically, in the new interior design of the restaurant.


Restaurant Tokyo and Jess

In collaboration with ARCHPOINT, Jess Design took care of the new interior of the restaurant. You can find the Vidar sofa, the Norman chairs and the Norman bar stools here. The armrests of the furniture have been customised with a leather touch, which was added specifically for the Asian restaurant in Moscow.

The unity of furniture gives the restaurant a natural and robust look and feel. The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they?

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