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We are deeply committed to improving the environment through sustainable business practices. Jess is a certified company that maintains the highest standards in corporate social responsibility. At Jess, nothing is ever thrown out. Any residual materials are used to create new designs, which are launched under our Global Balance collection.

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Jess leathers

Bonanza leather

Bonanza is a tough kind of buffalo leather and looks rough and wild and has the nature of the animal itself. The hides are tanned with vegetable materials and thereafter the grain side is treated manually with oil to provide the leather with a rough character. The beauty of this kind of leather is the various colour differences, the natural little faults like insect bites and scratches.

Vasa Loveseat With Low Arm And Hocker Bonanza Tan Oblique

Aurula leather

Aurula combines the finesses of an oily/waxy finishing with the rugged, authentic character of the Buffalo skin the skins are mainly dyed with chromium, giving the leather a smooth and soft touch. The article is processed with aniline dyes so that there no skin characteristics are covered. The greasy leathery touch is created by a finishing with different types of refined mineral oil.

Zipp Armchair Pers Aurula Nodic Blue Kopiëren

Royal leather

Royal Leather is an elegant leather produced from buffalo skins. It has a nice soft touch and the effect is applied in the finish. The tanned skins are chrome tanned, after that a first pigment layer is arranged. Then there is successively applied an aniline dye, and a white wash arranged in order to give the article a good characteristic finish

Vidar Twee Zits Royal Olive Pers Kopiëren

Luxor leather

Luxor is drumdyed with high quality aniline dye stuffs. Because of the vacuum drying system that is applied, the leather keeps his compact fibre structure so that eventual looseness in usage is avoided. After the skins are turned into crust, a special wax is applied on the grain which gives the leather a very sturdy look. After finishing, the leather gets tumbled in a wooden mill to create a broken grain effect. Thereafter it is plated to obtain a nice smooth and semi shiny look

Shuffle Sofa 2 Seats 1 Arm Right Luxor Grey Front

Sadie leather

This article is an aniline leather with a special wax on top, made on the best German cow skins.
The combination of 2 natural products, a cowhide and beeswax, makes this a very special leather.
The leather is tanned with natural minerals and dyed in drums with high quality dyes. In order to
emphasize nature, natural characteristics are experienced as an extra. These natural characteristics
should be processed visibly. Characteristic for this aniline leather is the (possible) difference in
colour within a batch or even per skin. 

Globe 3 Seats Sadie Chocolat Voor Kopiëren

Jess wooden tabletops

Jess wooden tabletops

Wood is a natural product. No single tree is the same: they all have different characteristics and characters. Therefore, your dining table may look different from your coffee table, for example; there may be differences in structure or color with respect to the wood sample in the store or other products. These features are proof of your original designer furniture.

Vain Old Glory Oak 250 Pers

Jess frames


We have four different types of frames, each with features and processing traces characteristic of that type of frame.

Norman Barstool Without Arm Copper Frame Aurula Black Oblique (2)

Jess fabrics


The fabrics that we use for our furniture consist largely of natural materials such as jute, cotton and linen. These fabrics have the same properties as our leather. Natural properties are visible and makes every product unique.

Vidar Bar Bench 165Cm Old Glory Bonanza Naturel Paris Sand 65Cm Seat Height Pers