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  • Dimensions (LxPxH): Voir la fiche produit sous téléchargements
  • Designer: Gijs Papavoine

New in our collection: the Infinity modular sofa, designed by Gijs Papavoine. The style of this renowned designer fits in seamlessly with our existing collection: strong graphic elements, complemented by flowing shapes. A perfect mix of pure lines and functionality. The Infinity consists of various elements with which you can compose the perfect sofa yourself. A matching hocker completes the picture.

Infinity 3D viewer

Une infinité de combinaisons

Toutes nos familles Jess peuvent être commandées en plusieurs qualités et couleurs de cuir. Par ailleurs, vous avez le choix entre différents matériaux et structures pour votre création unique personnalisée.

Points de vente

Gijs Papavoine

A strong
designer note

De designs from Gijs Papavovoine are comfortable and contain a high level of decorum and high class. Just like our Jolly. You think directly: “that’s where I want to sit!” The designs from this designer are elegant and formal. Gijs Papavoine likes diagonal lines and slim silhouettes. He combines hollow lines with bold ones which ends in surprising forms. It needs to be simple and clear.