Svyturys - Lithuania

You may have heard about a beer brand that has found its origin in Lithuania: Svyturys. The brand was found in the 18th century, and recently opened a so-called ‘Bhouse’. This happened in Klaipėda, in the year 1780. Klaipėda is the most important harbour town of the country. In the Bhouse you can enjoy nice food and a good glass of Svyturys in a cozy and easy going atmosphere. And to top it off, this all happens in the seating comfort of Jess!

It is one of the undiscovered spots in Europe: Lithuania. The country is known for its huge amount of old buildings. Because of the Roman Catholic origins, churches have a huge influence on the Lithuanian landscape. It’s for a reason that more and more tourists are finding their way to this Baltic state!

At the Svyturys Bhouse, visitors can enjoy some great food and drinks. Whenever they’re spending time at the place, they do this in our chairs! You can find our Forward dining chair, Irving bar stool and the My Home couch inside (designed by: Architekturos Studija Plazma). The best thing is: This results in some great images!