Zero waste – What do we do with the remains?

This is a question we regularly ask ourselves. Jess Design is very much a 21st-century business and carefully takes people, raw materials and the environment into consideration in all that it does. Needlessly adding leftover materials to an ever-growing pile of waste is therefore not an option for us. Instead, we like to challenge our designers to come up with decorative secondary products.

The eco-friendly route

The eco-friendly route When leather arrives at our workshop, it is subjected to a rigorous selection process: only the very best sections are good enough for our dining chairs, bar stools, armchairs and sofas. The offcuts are then sent to our internal swatch-making department and what is left over after that is used for patches. Any small remnants are used for making our business cards, among other things.

Decorative secondary products

Taking the patches as their starting point, our designers set to work. Many people will already be familiar with the decorative Lewis cushions we have created, but patches are also used to add a playful twist to our Nelson and Mila chairs, as well as various bar stools, making them really stand out. These chairs and bar stools are always in stock, guaranteeing short delivery times. We are currently experimenting with using the smallest remnants of leather to create table decorations, such as coasters, place mats and bottle holders. And with the option of tailor-making these to include an embossed logo.

Extend your range

If you are a Jess dealer and would like to include these decorative secondary products in your range, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you add a playful twist to your Jess furniture collection!