Jess at your home: Monique Lund

With ‘Jess at your home’ you get an impression of how people from all over the world, added Jess to their interior design. Today: Monique Lund from Norway!

“We recently build a new house and was looking for furnitures to decorate our living room. I remember seeing a lounge chair while browsing for inspiration at Pinterest that matched our specifications: a comfortable chair that appears light in design without compromising on the quality. When I realized they were from Jess Design, I searched for a retailer where we live and we instantly knew these were exactly what we were looking for.”

“We now own two lounge chairs “Cuscini” with low back in Bonanza leather, color “tan” and with a black steel frame”, says Monique. For us, the lounge chairs is the ultimate combination of both comfortable seating and design.
In our living room, we have large windows facing the sea, and while we needed comfortable furnitures to sit in it was also important for us that it didn’t block the view. The chairs add a subtle, relaxed elegance to our living room that also endures the rough use from our two young boys!”

“Again, the light and modern design in combination with quality and comfort. We are so happy we chose the chairs from Jess Design – although we never really considered anything else after trying these chairs.”

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