Jess at your home: Maria Rasmussen.

In ‘Jess at your home’, we give you an insight in how different customers all over the world have added Jess to their interior design. This time: Maria Rasmussen. Maria Rasmussen comes from Norway, an is enormous fan of interior and design. She therefore gives online assistance on the web, where you get help with the layout and interior of a room, and finding the style that fits you and your home. She does this under the name of ‘New Room Interior’. Recently she also added Jess design to her own interior.

Some time ago, it was the Earl that got her attention. “At first I saw the chair on Instagram in someone’s home”, Maria starts to tell. “I then looked up where I could get the chair. Then I tried it out in a shop and  really loved the comfort as well as how it looks. Can’t ask for more than that from a chair, right?”

She never regretted her purchase. “The Earl gives my interior design personality and an eye-catching character. Above all, they are comfortable pieces of furniture in timeless materials. I think this is where Jess Design distinguishes itself from others: The eye-catching looks, but at the same time the timeless materials!”

Find out more about Maria:
Instagram: @newroominterior and @interior_by_mariarasmussen