Dealer in the spotlights: ECHTwonen

ECHTwonen is a Dutch furniture store, which has got Jess Design in their collection for quite some time now. The store aims for sustainable pieces of furniture and natural materials, which makes both visions of ECHTwonen and Jess Design a valuable combination. Together with Arjan de Jong, company director of ECHTwonen, we’re taking a closer look at the collaboration.

“It’s been seven years since we decided to start selling Jess Design”, Arjan de Jong starts to tell. “It’s a beneficial collaboration for both parties. Jess is a brand that uses a lot of natural materials, and therefore it fits perfectly in our concept. Because they’ve been developing their collection and added elements like tables and lamps, the whole picture becomes more and more complete. That is the reason why we have got a store-in-store by Jess Design. They have got their own part in our showroom, with a size of approximately 80 m2. This part contains three different dining areas, but also a bar table, couches and chairs. This is all finished off with Jess promotional material, like posters and their typical colours. A great concept!” Arjan has a personal favourite favourite: The Earl-low. “A stunning chair, that suits the latest trends. Besides, it’s very comfortable as well!”

Arjan is satisfied about the current collaboration with Jess. “We’re in close contact with them, and when sudden problems emerge, they are capable of solving them as soon as possible. There are short communication lines with their back office, and they always comply with their delivery times. Maarten even shows up in our showroom to align certain things every now and then. This, and the robust and contemporary appearance of the Jess-collection, results in this great collaboration!”