Dealer in the spotlights: Veldkamp Wonen

In the shadow of Zwolle is Wezep located. It has around 14.000 inhabitants, and with its location next to the A28 highway, it’s a place that is relatively easy to reach. Wezep is also the village where Veldkamp Wonen was born in 1951. A family company aiming for interior design, with nowadays more than 4000 m2 surface.

In the beginning of the 21st century, Erwin Veldkamp – third generation of the family – got in touch with Jess Design for the first time. “I’ve always liked Jess Design as a brand”, he starts to tell. “After I’d been selling it in 2002 for a previous company, we got in touch again in 2010 during the so-called lifestyle tend. I can say I’m very pleased until now. In fact, we’re working on an extension of our Jess-collection, which should arrive in September and October!”

Erwin’s satisfaction derives from various aspects. One of them is the esthetical aspect. “Commercially, as well as for the eye, it’s a beautiful range of products. We tend to find that our customers agree on that last aspect. They appreciate the combination of seating comfort and its appearance. The industrial and natural look and feel is appreciated by people who enter our showroom.”

An extra reason for Erwin to collaborate with Jess, is the service part. “Jess Design has always been right on time in terms of their delivery, and the customer is king at any given time. An example is the the banner of Jess that hangs on the front of our building. Together with Maarten we realized this, and as a result they reach around 100.000 people that drive past our building. As for me, the current collaboration between Jess and Veldkamp will remain for a long time!”