Dealer in the spotlights: Eltink Interieur

Along the Nieuweweg in Wijchen, a home interior mall is located with a surface area of around 40000m2. In this home interior mall, every enthusiast can enjoy his passion for furniture: A wide product range, suitable for young people as well as older people. Nowadays, the interior mall cannot be imagined without the presence of ‘Eltink Interieur’. Eltink is traditionally a family company, that nowadays offers a product range from the mid-range segment towards the high-range segment. Marc Peters of Eltink Interieur has been working in the showroom and the sales for years now. That’s the reason why he got in touch with Jess Design for the first time around twenty years ago.

“We indeed started to sell Jess Design products around twenty years ago”, says Marc. “Throughout the years, we constantly ran into each other when doing business, so that’s when we decided to include a wider product range of Jess Design within our collection.”

This has been a decision that Marc has never regretted. “Simply said, I’m a fan”, he says. “This is because of various aspects. Think for example of the pure and timeless character the products of Jess posses. We see that as a result of this pure and timeless design, it has huge popularity amongst younger people as well as older people. People of all ages regularly leave Eltink with a product of Jess Design. Especially because of its wide product range it’s hard to pick a personal favourite, but if I have to make a choice, I’d go for the Marquess chair. A beautifully finished piece of Jess Design, that has that typical industrial look and feel, and raw, metal frame.”

The service

Beside the product range, Marc is also satisfied about the service that Jess Design delivers. “They honour their delivery times they promise, and if there’s something wrong with a product we’re able to contact them immediately. And last but by no means least, they solve those problems as soon as they can.

Recently, Maarten (owner of Jess Design), gave a sales training at the request of Eltink. “We received a precise explanation about the product we have in our shop. Which is extremely useful, because who is better at telling about his products then the owner himself? The collaboration between Eltink Interieur and Jess Design has been there for quite some time now, and as far as I’m concerned it will be there for many more years!”